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Gary Hits 10th NBA Finals Pick In A Row

CLEVELAND - As unlikely as it seemed after game 4, when the Cavs were down 3-1 to the Golden State Warriors and facing elimination, Gary the Numbers Guy doubled down on his prediction from 2014 that the Cleveland Cavs were still going to be NBA champs in 2016. This prediction, years in advance seemed unlikely to most, given that the previous 32 teams to face such odds had never in NBA history rebounded to take the trophy. That all changed when the clocked ticked zero tonight and Gary The Numbers Guy saw his prediction come true. This wasn't anything new for Grinberg, who has now predicted 10 NBA Finals in a row correctly. It was however a testament to his resolve, and showed he truly believes in the Numerology system he refined, and the one he created which he calls Imprinted Energy. Congrats to the Cleveland Cavs as 2016 NBA Champs and especially to Gary and all of those who were along for the ride.

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